The Street University partnerships with Oz Harvest to deliver the “Street Harvest” Program which aims to help families dealing with hardships such as food insecurities get the basic foods they need. Many families live in homes where food has run short and due to Liverpool’s high percentage of newly migrated residents, hunger has become a common issue.
Hunger is also a risk to a child's health and development and children who are hungry are more likely to get sick and be hospitalized. They also struggle to learn in school, impeding their ability to grow into healthy, successful adults.
What is the process? 
  1. Register you interest by filling out the Registration form (It is important to submit the correct contact information so that we can contact you)
  2. The Street University will contact registered families on a Friday as the food arrives because the amount of food available each week is determined only upon arrival
  3. Registerd families will then arrive and collect their hampers after 8pm. Each pick up is allowed no more than 2 boxes to pack.
  4. If you cannot make it for whatever reason, please contact The Street University on 8785 8000

The Street Harvest food hampers will now be supplied on a rotating roster and adjusted to meet the needs of those registered. Please note that your registration and hamper will change according to your circumstances. Please update your details with street university via phone or in person. The Street university reserves the right to terminate registration if conditions are breached; this includes abuse of resources, falsification of circumstances and prolonged failure to communicate. Your registration will be evaluated after 3 months to ensure your details are up to date. Those registered must donate some time to help support street university and the street harvest program on an ongoing basis.

PICK UP 8PM ONLY. We Do Not Deliver.
Cost: FREE 
Day:           Friday
Time:         8pm
Venue:       The Street University
Address:    1 Speed Street Liverpool
Phone:       8785 8000

Please fill in the form to express your interest in becoming a registered member for the “Street Harvest” Program.

Please state whether you are picking up food on behalf of an organisation or as a community member for your family
Only if your representing on behalf of an organisation
Financial Circumstance*
Living Circumstance*
eg. spouse, relatives, children etc
The Street University and Oz Harvest will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating foods packed from the 'Street Harvest' Program.*
I accept all the terms & conditions and agree that all the information submitted is correct*

Thank You for taking the time to express your interest in the "Street Harvest" Program.