Rollins College of Business Undergraduate Closed Class Override Request Form


Students who wish to register for a closed undergraduate business class (1000-4000) should add their name to the online electronic waitlist. If a waitlist does not exist, students may fill out the Rollins College of Business Undergraduate Closed Class Override Request Form (RCCOR Form). Students should attempt to register for an open section of the desired course or register for an alternate course in case their request is not approved.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit one form for each closed class override request. Individual submissions with multiple requests will not be processed. 


·         This form does not supersede the online waitlists.  Requests for courses with active waitlists cannot be processed. 

·         Approvals are based on a case by case basis with consideration given to graduation status, receipt date, registration date, seat availability, fire-code limits, etc. 

·         Closed class overrides will not be issued for internet/online courses once they reach 40 students.

·         Closed class overrides cannot be issued for sections where the number of enrolled students is equal to the maximum number of seats allowed by fire code.

·         Closed class override will not be issued once the number of enrolled students and outstanding overrides equals the maximum number allowed by fire code and/or the department head. 

·         All students are required to meet current prerequisites and standing requirements.  Students must have 60 earned hours to register for upper level business courses. It is the student’s responsibility to verify they meet current prerequisites and required standing before filling out the RCCOR Form.

·         MGT 4400: Overrides for MGT 4400 will only be considered for students registering for their final semester.  Students requesting an override for MGT 4400 must have a graduation application on file with the Records Office.

·         BUS 3410 online: Students must apply and be approved to register for the online section of BUS 3410. Applications are located on UTC Learn, College of Business Majors – Academic Advising, Modules, RCOB Forms, Request for BUS 3410 – Online Section.

·         3900 Internship credits: Students must apply and qualify for academic credit for an internship. Applications are located on UTC Learn, College of Business Majors – Academic Advising, Modules, Internship Application forms.


Please enter your UTCID.
Please type your first and last name.
Requests submitted prior to your registration date will be held until your time-ticket opens.
Your MyMocsDegree must list your declared minor. To declare a minor, submit a Program Change Request form to the Records Office.
Graduation dates will be verified with your academic advisor.
If you are registering for your last semester, have you submitted an application for graduation?
Students registering for their final semester should have a graduation application on file. Applications are accessed through MyMocsNet, Academics tab, Application for Graduation link.

CLOSED CLASS INFORMATION: (We cannot issue closed class overrides for courses with an active online waitlist or for courses in other departments.)

We can only issued closed clas overrides for the following departments: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management and Marketing.
Example: 1000, 2110, 3110, etc.
Please make sure the CRN entered is for the DEPT and COURSE NUMBER requested.
Please select ALL statements that are relevant to your closed class override request:*

ALTERNATE CRN OF REQUESTED COURSE:  Please list an ALTERNATE CRN for the same course, in the same semester, and that will fit your schedule.  You do not need to complete this section if the alternate section is open. 

The CRN must be for the same course (not section) of your original course. Requests for alternate courses will not be processed.


Please select the name of the advisor listed on your MyMocsDegree.*


I understand that filling out the closed class override request form is a REQUEST for an override and not a guarantee of entrance into the course.*
I understand that if my request is approved, I am responsible for registering myself for the course within the indicated 24-48 hours of the email timestamp.*
I understand my request is no longer valid once the online waitlists are purged by the Records Office. (Occurs after the fee payment date.)*
I understand, if approved for a closed class override, I must meet current prerequisites and standing requirements in order to register for the course.*

Before you click submit, please verify the correct CRN is listed for the course.  If the CRN and course information do not match, then your request cannot be processed.

Thank you for your request.  Please allow 24-48 business hours to recieve a reply via your UTC email account.