Register for Training

Immunizations: For Puppy Prek puppies must be at least ten weeks old, have been in the home with you for at least ten days and you must provide documentation from a veterinarian that the puppy has had his or her second round of shots, a bordatella vaccination and a negative fecal test.  The same requirements apply for in-home services for puppies under sixteen weeks old. Sorry, no exceptions.

For all other group classes, all canines must be at least sixteen weeks old, and you must provide records from a veterinarian that your dog has been vaccinated for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Bordatella and Rabies. Sorry, no exceptions.

For at home and private services for canines who are at least sixteen weeks old, you must provide records from a veterinarian documenting that your dog has been vaccinated for Rabies.  Sorry, no exceptions.


Terms and Conditions:


Payment is required to guarantee your spot in class.


There is a returned check fee of $35 plus any fees Shelly Wood/Drop Your Jaws incurs to collect monies owed. If a check is returned, Drop Your Jaws has the right to request payment by money order or cash.


No refunds or cancellations of this contract.


Owner is expected to maintain and reinforce training outside of the training sessions.


Assumption of Risk, Limitation of Liability, Indemnification and Release


(i) Trainee acknowledges and agrees that neither Drop Your Jaws, nor any of its employees, members, or agents shall be held liable for any damages (incidental, consequential, and/or special), losses, injuries, claims, negligence, harm, financial loss, sums of money, attorney’s fees, costs and/or causes of action (hereinafter “Damages”) associated with the instruction, consultation, and training services as may be associated with and/or contemplated by the sessions in which Trainee is participating with his/her/their dog. Trainee agrees to restrain his/her dog during the group class or private session. Trainee accepts responsibility for any actions of his/her dog against Trainer.


(ii) Trainee acknowledges that training, consulting, and instruction (including behavior modification) is an inherently dangerous activity and therefore agrees that he/she/they are aware of and do hereby assume all risks associated with the instruction, consultation, and training, including but not limited to any dog bites or attacks to any person or property during a session or at any time hereafter. While Trainer uses best practices accepted by the profession, no guarantee is made of your dog’s behavior, now or in the future.


(iii) Trainee hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Trainer, and its employees, members, and agents against any Damages resulting from claims made by any third-party due to any actions of Trainee’s dog, including but not limited to any dog bites or dog attacks.


(iv) Trainee agrees to release and hold harmless Shelly Wood, individually, from any and all Damages associated with her being the instructor.


(v) Trainee grants permission for Trainer to take and use pictures and videos of trainee, dog, training class, and trainee in promotional and instructional materials.


(vi) Trainer may cancel contract under the following conditions: (1) failure to pay, (2) returned check, (3) cancellations or postponing of training sessions, (4) failure of Trainee to engage in appropriate training exercises, (5) disregard for Trainer’s recommendations and/or training methods.




By clicking submit, I agree that I have read the above and agree.