BLACK STALLION STUDIO , DC SPEAKEASY and DC PRODUCTIONS  Provides you with this on line scheduling system for your photography, Videography and Musical needs. Below is the live Calendar for BlackStallion Studio The defualt view is in week long and the 3 colors at the top show each studio. Studio A and B come with 3 Strobe lights and a Pa System for playing music from your mp3 or tape deck. Studio C/ Venue Room Does not have Photography Lights and if you need any lighting you must request it for Studio C Event Room.  You can also fill out a short form for any special needs for your rental. Things Like bottled Water , Soda , Snacks , Extra Lights , Video Lighting , Set building , Props.  

Blue Column 1 is STUDIO A "Fantasy Photo/Video"       RED Column 2 is STUDIO B Photo/Video

GREEN Column 3 is STUDIO C / EVENT VENUE   Yelllow Column 4 is Recording Studio  

The Calendar is now live and you are making a booking for Studio Rental