CNR Behavior Core: General Testing Rooms

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all CNR cores are closed as of 3-20-2020 until further notice

Room Equipment
379B Acoustic Startle, Pre-pulse Inhibition, Operant Conditioning
379C Rotorod, Passive/Active Avoidance Conditioning, Physiocages (TBD)
379C Cabinet Circadian Dark Cabinet w/ Activity Wheels
379E Indirect Calorimetry, Home Cage Locomoter Activity
379J Ethovision, Barnes Maze, Elevated Plus Maze, Morris Water Maze, 3-chamber SI, T-Maze, Y-Maze, Open Field, Novel Object
379K Open Field Frames, Tail Suspension Test, Forced swim Test, Light:Dark Transition, Sucrose Prefrence, Elevated Plus Maze


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Links to Behavior Core Calendars

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Behavior Core: SC 379F EEG