Make Telemedicine Appointment with Cheryl Waskiewicz, APN

There is NO NEED TO WAIT TIL LAST MINUTE TO MAKE  APPTS.  Failure to make timely appts will result in medication supply lapse.  Calender is open indefinitely. 


--Note the color coding: The boxes outlined in black are available times.

--Click on an available time and provide information requested.

--Successful booking will result in an instant email confirmation, except if you are booking a same day appt, in which case alert me re: same-day appt via email.  

--Email appointment reminders will be sent to you 3 days and 1 day in advance 

--Payment is made via  www.AdultADDTreatment.Pro  Medications will not be ordered until payment made.  

--To reschedule an appt, cancel at least 24 hrs in advance (or be responsible for paying $75 fee for time reserved). Then make another appt.

-- If you have not had an appt in the past 6months, please find someone else to take care of you.   



Beginning August 9 2023, new hours are Wednesdays from 11 am to 130pm. If you need appointment outside of this schedule, please request by email      

I will reply to emails by 12 noon daily