Schedule for Reservations Cargobike



To borrow a cargobike you have to be a tenant of Idealis. We need a proof of identification when you collect the keys for the cargobike. You can use a loginname, but your adress has to be the one known by Idealis. Only one person can book a bike per day. You can only make one booking a day, two days per week and four days per month. You can use the bike between 09:00 and 23:00. At 24:00 the bike and the key must be returned at the Bornsesteeg 1 in the cargobike storage.

Reservations and pick up
Pick up and return is at the Front office of Idealis at the Bornsesteeg 1. Opening hours front office: 12.00-17.00 o’clock on working days and bring a proof of identification. 

When you booked the cargobike in the weekend you can pick up the keys on Friday during our opening hours. Make sure you check the bike before you take it out, if you see any damage, report this! Tell the person at the front office or in the weekend send a email with pictures to: If you do not report it before taking it out, we will keep the last person who took it out responsible.

Usage of the cargobike is for free of charge, but you are responsible in case of any damage or theft. Return the cargobike on time! If there is any damage to the cargobike or you returned the cargobike too late you will be charged an additional costs of € 50.00. (and the costs for repair if neccesary) 

During the holidays check the front office openinghours on the idealis website! Openingstijden - Idealis

In case of theft police should be notified immediatly. this must be done by the person who has borrowed the cargobike.