2024 Cedar Ridge Equine Group Summer Lesson Schedule

Cedar Ridge Equine Summer Group Lesson Schedule at CRE begins June 3rd 2024:
Mondays: 2pm Adult Horsemanship Class-instructor Amy Prechter
4pm Beginner Horsemanship Class-instructor Vivian Ripley 
5:00pm Fundamentals of Speed Event Class-instructed by Amy Prechter
Tuesdays: 2pm Extreme Trail/Ranch Horse/Groundwork Class-instructor Amy Prechter/Justin Hanson 
4pm Intermediate Horsemanship Class-instructor Amy Prechter/Justin Hanson 
5:30 Advanced Barrel Racing/Pole Bending Class-instructor Amy Prechter
Wednesdays: 2pm 'Get Acquainted/Re-Acquainted Adult Horsemanship' Class-instructor Amy Prechter/Justin Hanson
4pm Beginner Horsemanship class: instructor Vivian Ripley 
5:30pm Cowboy Dressage Group Class instructed by Amy Prechter/Justin Hanson 
Thursdays:  No Lessons
Horse Sense Series: 5:30pm Fri 6/21, Thurs. 7/25, Thurs. 8/8, Thurs. 8/15
Friday: Select Fridays Only-5:30pm Horse Sense Series class instructed by Amy Prechter/Justin Hanson 
Select Fridays only: 11am Beginner Horsemanship Class instructor Vivian Ripley
Select Fridays Only 1pm-Heelomatic Roping Class
Please email (cedarridgeequines@gmail.com) or text (530)263-3433 Amy directly to schedule private/semi private lessons. 
We will reserve Saturdays at CRE for dedicated rider's to utilize arena, special events lessons for 4H Groups, Dedicated Rider's B-day Parties, but on a very limited basis.