Chu Chu Classes

Our group classes are scheduled only on weekdays in the early evenings.  Weekends are reserved only for private classes (not applicable to Groupon Students)

Class dates are only posted 4-5 weeks in advance, please check back for future dates.  

STUDIO RULES: Please check our FAQ page for full details.

GROUPON CUSTOMERS: Select Yes from drop down menu in the "Do you have a Groupon?" field followed by your voucher number in the "Groupon No. (7-8 digit barcode)" field.  Quantity field is for how many people are attending not how many vouchers.  For full registering directions: click here

DIRECT PAYMENT CUSTOMERS:  Our online scheduler is easy to use but you can find our full registering instructions here.

Don't see the class you want or have more questions?  Feel free to contact

SPAM FOLDER - Please check your spam/junk folder if you make a reservation and do not receive a confirmation email.  Ensure that is accepted in your inbox!