Welcome to the East Leyden Math Center!

FOR REMOTE HELP: e-mail us, so we can find a time that works best. If you sign up without e-mailing us, we will assume you're coming for help in person.

Below, you can make an appointment with a Math Coach. You can also stop by the math center to see if a coach is available. If you can't attend your appointment, please cancel! To cancel: click the slot you signed up for, click the document icon next to your appointment, and click the trash can icon.

To make an appointment to meet IN PERSON (during study hall, lunch periods 4-7, or after school):

1. CLICK the slot of the date/time you want to schedule.

2. CLICK: New Reservation.

3. Fill in your name and e-mail address and CLICK: Create Reservation.

Before your appointment begins...

1. Prepare questions to ask the math coach. Examples: Are these the correct steps to solve this problem? Can you show me how to start? Can you help me understand why my answer is not correct?

2. Send any important materials to one or both of us. Our e-mail addresses are:

Ms. Aggarwal: maggarwal@student.leyden212.org    and

Mrs. Bratkovskiy: mbratkovskiy@student.leyden212.org

We look forward to seeing you!