Welcome to the East Leyden Writing Center!

See a Writing Coach: Reserve time below, stop into Room 250-B (in the library) to see if (or when) a coach is available, or email me at the address at the bottom.

**If you are attending remotely, please add the word "REMOTE" with your name below when you reserve a slot. Otherwise, we assume you will attend in person.**

                        TO ATTEND YOUR CONFERENCE:

In Person:

1) Show your appointment to your teacher at the time of your appointment.

2) Go to the Writing Center (Room 250-B) to meet with the Writing Coach.


1)  At your appointment time, log in to meet.google.com

2)  Click "Join or start a meeting."

3)  Use the nickname leydenwrites to get into the meeting.

4)  If you are having any trouble, email sbehne@student.leyden212.org

5) Please share any online documents before your appointment time. Include the assignment instructions.

If you can't attend your appointment, please cancel or email sbehne@student.leyden212.org so someone else can use that time slot. 

Look forward to seeing you!

--Ms. Behne