Hennepin Square Office Building Meeting Room Scheduling

Welcome to Hennepin Square's online Meeting Room Scheduling System.

Please read all of the following prior to making your reservation:

In order to make a reservation you must acknowledged the end time of your meeting. Please be aware that others may have scheduled meetings closely following your reservation. Please be kind and make sure your meetings are concluded on time so as not to effect the schedule of others.

Please be aware that some conference room usage is fee based. Usage charges will be applied to your monthly rent. The cost of the resource is billed per hour and the rate will appear on the reservation pop-up. Premier Executive Suite Tenants will not be charged for conference room usage in thier own suites. Non-tenant usage is allowed but must be prepaid and arranged with the building manager. See the manager for non-tenant rates.

Tenants reserving space for non-tenant usage will be billed directly. Please contact the building manager prior to scheduling use.

By scheduling your meeting you are agreeing to these terms.

Please Select a meeting room to your right to begin the reservation process.