Intent & Alignment: Using Intuition to Make Things Happen

Has it ever happened to you that you wanted something So much, but just couldn't reach it, no matter how hard you worked on it? What about the opposite, when something that you've been dreaming about just fell into your hands, without you making the slightest effort?

This workshop is designed to help analytical people (left-brainers) to:

- Understand how to use your energy to set clear intentions

- Align your intentions, actions, and energy for materializing your wish

- Learn how to re-wire your brain to help you create what you want rather than mull over what you don't want

By the end of the class, participants will be able to develop a clear intent for something that they deeply want to happen in their lives. Participants will also acquire useful tools for creating alignment for their wishes, using both intuition and logic.

BONUS: One personal intuitive question for each workshop participant will be answered, as a demo of intuition in action.

DATE: Wednesday, 6/25/14
TIME: 9 p.m.- 10:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Fair Lawn, NJ (address sent w/ payment confirmation)

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED, seating is limited. Thank you!