Schedule for Couple's or Individual's Appts

 Sunday PORTLAND schedule. If you need to book other days, contact Shannon.

2020 Pandemic instructions for appointments: Go to  DISTANCE session page

Thank you.


24 hours notice required for cancelling appt or you will be charged.



In person:

CLICK on a box below to make an appt. Your device may show the calendar differently with a link on the page to "create a new appt." A couple's appt can be as long as 2 hours, usually 90 min so please start at 90.  Individuals select 60 min. A short session couple's option (60 min) is only for graduating couples. Networking appts are free business collaboration for colleagues & are 30 min. Video session are an option too.

Shannon leads retreats & house parties w/demos & practice of communication tools. Fun way to learn!

Insurance is not accepted to 1) keep control of your counseling in your hands, not an office staff at an insurance company, 2) keep your info as private as we can without it floating around insurance company databases, and 3) to refuse to give you a psychiatric label/diagnosis which is required to show an insurance co your counseling need. You are not going to be labelled with a mental disorder, instead coached towards healing, growth & new habits.

If cost is a barrier for you, ask for discounts for lower incomes & special circumstances. 
Donations are accepted here if you want to sponsor a session for super low income. You can also get a gift session for your loved one.

Check out Shannon's Relationship Gardening website