DISTANCE Sessions with Shannon Batts

Chat with Shannon, a marriage specialist by video, text or phone. Zoom sessions are available for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Video chat is preferred although text and phone time are also options. All electronic and phone contact is subject to security breach and hacking.  You have the right to choose electronic communication and assume the risks anyway.

Make your selection by creating an account at the sign in button, then at this schedule click a space on the day you want and complete the pop up reservation. Double check dates and times to be sure you chose what you meant to. Shannon will call or email if it needs to be rearranged. 

Prior to a 1st appointment, please email Shannon (couplescoach@gmail.com) if you haven't yet and introduce yourself.  Also if you are not a resident of CA or OR tell her the state or country you reside in and request the coaching vs counseling questionnaire to determine which you qualify for. You can also  request other times not shown on schedule. You will need to complete a Telehealth Consent form and Informed Consent before your first appointment.

Payment for Distance Sessions is done before your appointment for many reasons, one being to devote as much of your appointment time to consultation that is possible instead of billing matters. Shannon can send you an invoice or you can pay for your session here: https://squareup.com/market/relationship-gardening/video-phone-or-email

Visit http://relationshipgardening.com/  to view relationship help written by Shannon who is trained by the Gottman Institute for research backed tools for growing and repairing marriage, gay, lesbian, trans, NB, or straight.

Availability changes week to week so ask if you need a different time.  Shannon is also available for consultation, events, and retreats by teleconference. Shannon facilitates Race Talks over Zoom-see https://racetalkspdx.com/