Batting Cage Ground Rules

You can view cage availability here, but you must submit a google form for your request:

Reserve Cage Here

  • There are No Same Day Reservation Requests.
    • If there isn't a reservation, then cages are first come first  served. If it's open, go ahead and use it. 
  • There is a maximum of 2 future reservations.
    • Please do not ask for more.
  • Field 1 & Field 5 cages will each be available to 2 teams who each get 1 side of the cage
  • During the season reservations are for 75 minutes (They are 90 minutesduring preseason and fall ball) .
  • No reservations are allowed 45 minutes prior to games.
    • Games typically begin at 6 & 8 PM on weeknights 
    • Once games begin, 6:00 to 7:15 is typically the only time slot available to reserve
    • Weekend times will vary

The following are NOT true, they are incorrect urban legends:

  • You get a batting cage automatically when you have a practice field
  • Baseball takes priority over softball
  • Bronco takes priority over Mustang, Mustang over Pinto, etc.