BHS Shelter Volunteer Schedule

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our homeless shelter, located at the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, 131 Remsen Street. For detailed information about volunteering, visit the shelter home page on the BHS website,

1. Sign in (upper right corner of this page); create an account, if you haven't yet.
2. Choose a date (brown volunteer boxes are under the calendar date -- the date is just above and on the right of box for the calendar date).
3. Choose Overnight and/or Cooking; click on an unshaded brown box (shaded means all taken); if it is marked 0/2, neither slot has yet been filled; 1/2 means one slot has been filled

Children over 13 may stay overnight with an adult; kids of all ages can help cook and serve

Questions? Contact Anne Landman or Veronique Nguyen  Many thanks!