Welcome to the Math Center

To attend your appointment:

In Person:

1) Register here in supersaas and make an appointment.

2) Show your appointment to your supervising teacher at the time of your apointment.

3) Go to the Math Center which is located in the Library, in room (230-5) to meet the Math Coach. 

If you are more than 7 minutes late, it will be considered an absence and you will be asked to reschedule.


1) Email me AFTER you made the appointment and I will send you the google.meet link: lbarrera@student.leyden212.org or drivera@student.leyden212.org

2) If you have trouble registering, or just have a question about the math center, email me: lbarrera@student.leyden212.org or drivera@student.leyden212.org

One more thing: Before you attend the meeting, make sure you have your notes ready, paper, something to write, and specific questions for us to help you.