Schedule for Writing Center

Welcome to the West Leyden Writing Center!

**If you are attending remotely,
when making your appointment, please add the word "VIRTUAL" with your name on the scheduler, or else we will assume you will be attending in person.**

To attend your appointment:

In Person:

1) Show your appointment to your supervising teacher at the time of your appointment.

2) Go to the Writing Center in room 230-2 to meet with the Writing Coach.
(We have had a room change this year - we are still in the library, but to the right.)


1)  At your appointment time, log in to

2)  Click on "Join or start a meeting."

3)  Use the nickname westleydenwrites to get into the meeting.

4)  If you are having any trouble, email or

5) Please have any necessary documents open and ready to share before your appointment time.

If you realize you can't make your appointment, please cancel or email one of the writing coaches so that someone else may have that time slot. 

Looking forward to seeing you!