Strip Reservations - State Fencing Centre.

Welcome to the Bookings System.

In order to make strip bookings, you need to have created a login account and paid for hours in advance.  This is done here (i.e. not in the FV transactions system). 

If you wish to add a reservation, click on the relevant time slot, and add your details, and the number of strips to be reserved.  Only you or the system supervisor can edit or delete your reservations.

Note that reservations are only available in half-hour slots, and you should round your usage up so that your slot is not booked by others.  In the event that you use strips and they have not been correctly or sufficiently booked, Fencing Victoria reserves the right to adjust any strip credit balance based on actual usage.

If your preferred booking time is not available, you may elect to be wait-listed for that time.  Please note that priorities for allocations are documented on the FV website (click here).

All users of the State Fencing Centre must be affiliated with Fencing Victoria.