Schedule for Utah Bar Constitution Day

Classes with ALT after the school name list alternative dates/times for the class. If you prefer one of the ALT dates/times make an appointment for the class as is and let the teacher know.

If the When-To range spans days, make an appointment and let the teacher know of your availability.

Adjoining classes are also noted; please select multiple classes if you can.  Your appointment info will be saved for subsequent entries.

ES, MS, and HS after school name refer to Elementary, Middle, and High School.

If in the description, you see "2nd Class," etc. it means that there are multiple classes.

Select a class by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right and then click on "new appointment."

See lesson plans at & view optional video with lesson pointers at

If you don't get an immediate confirmation e-mail, please check your spam filter or write to  Please confirm dates, times, and plans with the teacher.

Thank you!

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