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  1. Nutrikids End of Year Process has been completed.
  2. The newest Student Information System data has been imported into Nutrikids already.
  3. The Direct Certification file is ready to be imported at the time of your scheduled appointment. 


Direct Certification involves matching school enrollment records against import files. The purpose of the Direct Certification Import is to assist customers that have the NUTRIKIDS Free & Reduced Module with getting the students with a Direct Certification status into the NUTRIKIDS database quickly so claims are as accurate as possible.


We can import certain types of electronic DC import lists:

  • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
  • Text files (TXT)
  • Microsoft® Excel (XLS and XLSX)

Note: These lists are normally provided to you from a state agency. 

We assist you in matching records that you receive to those within the NUTRIKIDS program. For records that do not match exactly, a data verification option is available to help you determine if the students on the DC List exist in the NUTRIKIDS database. 


Our DC Import Tool only accepts files that include, at a minimum, three (3) fields (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and another field). Simply having a file that contains students’ first and last names only is not enough to yield accurate results. Name fields are not enough to differentiate children when matching against a database.


This tool also does not deactivate current students who are already directly certified within the system. Use either a DDU or manually deactivate the student via their account. 


The tool only accepts electronic import files that are .CSV, .XLS, .XLSX, or .TXT. The tool will not work with .PDF, image files (.JPEG, .TIFF, .GIF, .PNG, and so on), and .HTML files.