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Start of Year Service Summary

We know the start of school can be an extremely hectic time for Food Service professionals, let us help you check your LunchBox POS system off your list. This service includes importing new students from your student information system, updating meal and menu prices, importing your directly certified students, update application scanning software, and updating your student pictures associated with LunchBox. We use WebEx® remote connectivity software to perform this work. The district must allow access to ALL computers/servers on which SOY will be performed. This includes, but is not limited to, the Database Server and Food Service Workstations. SOY Technician must have appropriate permissions* to complete all tasks.

* Permission to install new applications, access to Eblvd, and WebEx.

Project Scope

This Statement of Work covers the following activities and deliverables.

  • SOY technician will call district appointed contact to gain remote access to computer / server.
  • Technician will transfer over required tools and utilities via WebEx®
  • Technician will create a backup prior making any SOY changes
  • Technician will verify the Income Eligibility Guidelines are updated
  • Technician will modify attendance factor for sites as requested by district
  • Technician will modify meal prices as requested by district
  • Technician will update reimbursement rates
  • Technician will modify Point of Sale - Menu Items as requested by district
  • Technician will modify or set charge Limits as requested by district
  • Technician will edit any letters as requested by district
  • Technician will assist with initial student import for the new school year
  • Technician will run the DC Import (if provided by district)
  • Technician will update student pictures (if available at time of service)
  • Technician will remove backups that are no longer needed to free up server resource space.
  • Technician will verify previous school year data is accessible 
  • Technician will verify that all LunchBox POS software is up to date
  • Technician will enable any LunchBox scheduled tasks
  • Technician will perform SOY for mySchoolBucks.com and ensure everything is syncronizing with online payments website
  • Once work is completed
    -The appointed contact will be notified via email
    -The billing process will be initiated


Task Performed When:
  • The SOY Project is considered open
  • When we receive the Questionnaire form completed
  • The SOY service begins
  • On the date and time chosen from the previous schedule
  • The SOY service is completed
  • HSS Technician notifies customer via email
  • The SOY service is billed
  • Upon completion of work


Key Assumptions

This agreement is based on the following assumptions. 

This Statement of Work was reviewed
The End of Year process has been completed
The LunchBox SOY Questionnaire will be completed and submitted
SOY technician will have access to files requested in questionnaire
SOY technician will be granted remote access to the necessary computers / servers
SOY technician will have adequate permissions to restore a SQL database to the SQL server if necessary 

If you have any questions please call 800.256.8224