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End of Year Service Summary

The purpose of the End of Year (EOY)/Start of Year (SOY) service is to ensure that your student and operational data, are properly managed during this time of year. An HSS Technician will properly manage the closing of the year and start of the year information for your system, as relating to Nutrition Services. This process will include, but not limited to, the following:

A.    Student Management within POS, including student grade advancement, senior   graduation/retention, site changes, and account balance management

B.    District Transaction Management, including database backup for district to archive. Eliminating unwanted transaction information, and discussion of reimbursement rates.

C.   Free & Reduced Application Management, including temporary dates, discussion of IEG's, and categorical eligibilities, i.e. Direct Certification. 

We use WebEx® and eBLVD® as remote connectivity software to perform this work. Based on your software version, the district must allow access to one of the following:

Mosaic Server


Project Scope

This Statement of Work covers the following activities and deliverables. 

  • HSS Technician will call district appointed contact to gain remote access to computer / server if necessary.
  • HSS Technician will transfer over required tools, via the remote connection
  • HSS Technician will ensure the district is operating within base software platform's current version.
  • HSS Technician will confirm that information provided by district is correct, before executing the process. Grades, Sites, Student advancement/retention, site changes, and handling of transaction data.
  • HSS Technician will disable any Mosaic/MySchoolBucks scheduled tasks.
  • HSS Technician will execute the EOY process based off the district provided information.
  • HSS Technician will enable any Mosaic/mySchoolBucks scheduled tasks.
  • Once work is completed
      - The appointed contact will be notified via email
      - At this point, the billing process will be initiated.



Task Performed When:
  • The EOY Project is considered open
  • When we receive this form completed
  • The EOY service begins
  • On the date and time chosen from the previous schedule
  • The EOY service is completed
  • HSS Technician notifies customer via email
  • The EOY service is billed
  • Upon completion of work


Key Assumptions

This agreement is based on the following assumptions.

  • This Statement of Work was completed and received by Heartland School Solutions
  • Mosaic EOY/SOY Questionnaire was completed and received by Heartland School Solutions
  • Mosaic EOY/SOY HSS Technician will be granted remote access to the necessary computers/servers.
  • All serving lines have successfully sent their final End of Day transmission for the 2021-22 school year.
  • All students are in the correct grade for the 2021-22 school year.


Frequently Asked Questions

Running the MySchoolBucks End of Year process is recommended prior to having Heartland complete the Mosaic End-of-Year procedures.

• It is recommended you inform end-users/parents the last day the district will be accepting funds, your district’s

refund policy, a reminder to turn off automatic payments for their account if a student has graduated or is leaving

the district, and suggest they review their automatic payment amounts.

• Ensure students who will no longer attend school for the upcoming school year are inactive in your POS system.

Note: If a student is not returning, but has a credit on their account and is due a refund, it is recommended that

you inactivate the student.

• Retrieve any payments that have not yet posted.

• Establish Special Dates for non-payment periods.

• Issue refunds via your POS system.

What should I do if I am unsure how to proceed?

In the event you have any questions or are unsure how to proceed before or during this process, it is recommended

that you call 1-800-803-6755 or contact MySchoolBucks Support for assistance.

If you have any questions please call 800.256.8224