Lifestyle Design Assessment

Thank you for your interest in selecting me, Denise Joy to support your goal of updating the design and functionality of your home. I use The Furaha Method to create a joyful custom on a budget space you will truly love! BTW, Furaha means joyful in Swahili! 


This form is the basis for all of the design that will happen to help make your spaces a destination you will once again love to be in! 

All of the information you include is essential to the process. I'm here to help you through this process. This will take you 20-25 minutes to complete. 

To help me better understand what your desired goals, preferences and vision are for your space, visit and/or to select 4-6 inspiration photos for each  space. At, email me the images OR create a wish list link in or and send me the link to view your saved inspiration photos.

Also, email me at least 4 photos of the current space as it looks right now. (If there are multiple spaces, please send a photo of each one)

Answering the support questions below will support a smooth, efficient and successful design process. Once you hit the submit button your answers will be delivered right to my inbox and I will be in touch within 48 hours regarding scheduling your design consultation. The investment for the initial one hour virtual consulation is $250. 

Looking forward to supporting you ~ Denise Joy, Designer/The Furaha Method


What kind of home do you live in?
What style home do you live in?
Do you have pets that walk around your home?


What do you want done in the space(s)? Check all that apply.
Would you like a UNIQUE element in your space design? Select all that apply.


What's your design style preference? Take a gut guess if you aren't sure.


What MUST HAVE furnishings and decor would you like to purchase?
What stores are you drawn to for furnishings and decor? Check all that apply.
Check the finishes and decor you DON'T WANT to see in the room.


Do you entertain indoors often?
What are the goals for your space? (check all that apply)


Is your home a shoes on or shoes off indoors kind of home?
How do you want to feel when you and or other people are in the space(s)? (check all that apply)
What don't you like about the space(s) you want to redesign?


What kind of color scheme are you drawn to?
What colors DO YOU WANT to see in the redesigned space? (check all that apply)


Email me at least 3-4 photos of the current space as it looks right now. (If there are multiple spaces, please send a photo of each room)

Email the photos to me at Please put "PHOTO-(Specific room name)" and your last name in the subject line. 


Please visit and/or to find 4-6 (or more) inspiration photos of rooms/spaces that capture elements you'd like to have in your redesigned space. Please send me the photos at the email below or send me the link to your wishlist on at - Denise Joy


Have you ever had any remodeling done to your home by a professional designer?


What is the total budget for your project? (Covering design services and materials)
Which Design Service are you interested in? Select all that apply.
Would you like to book a design consultation for any of the above services? The one hour consultation investment is $250

Your privacy is of great improtance. None of your personal information is shared or utilized other than for the purpose of me contacting you for a design consultaion. Thank you for contacting me to help you make your space a destiantion you'll love! ~ Denise Joy