Home Staging Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in selecting Hart of the Sell Home Staging & Redesign to support your goal of staging your home to get top dollar. 

Answering the questions below will help you prepare and organize your staging plans. It will also be helpful if you decide to schedule a staging consultation. Once you hit the submit button your answers will be delivered right to my inbox. Within 48 hours I'll follow up with you! ~ Denise Joy, the Queen of Occupied Staging

Are you the
Is the home vacant or owner occupied?
Why is the home being staged?
How many stories is the home?
What style is the home?
What kind of home is it?
What's the design aesthetic of the home?
Has the following been completed: purging, decluttering, deep cleaning?
Are their pets that live in the home?
Does (or did) anyone smoke in the home?
Has the home received any major updates in the past 3 years?
Who is most likely to buy the home? (you may select more than one)
Have you ever worked with a professional stager or designer?
Would you like to book a staging consultation?

Hit SUBMIT below and your answers will be reviewed! ~ Denise Joy, head stager & designer