New to the Rollins College of Business

All business majors are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor.  Your assigned academic advisor is listed on your MyMocsDegree.  Please fill out and submit this form if you are eligible to register for the current term and plan to major in business and do not have a business advisor listed on your MyMocsDegree.  


Please enter your UTCID.
Please type your first name.
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Please select your student status:*
Which semester are you currently enrolled in at UTC or which semester will you be enrolling?*


Does your MyMocsDegree list you as a business major?*
If your MyMocsDegree does not list you as a business major, have you submitted a Program Change Request form with the Registrar's Office?


Thank you for your request.  A business advisor will be assigned to you once your MyMocsDegree is updated to a business major.  Please check your UTC email and/or MyMocsDegree for your advisor assignment.