Schedule for ASD Missions Emphasis 23-24


First, select an International Worker you are interested in scheduling by clicking on their name/country in the color key list on this page, then please navigate, using the calendar below, to the day/s that you would like to schedule an International Worker. Click on the first day that you would like (white box means available) to schedule a International Worker (even if it is a full week). A pop-up will appear (if the International Worker is not already booked) (titled "New International Worker Scheduling"). Fill out the pop-up form including the entire date range you would like to schedule a International Worker. Please include your name and your church name (CHURCH NAME IS REQUIRED), email and phone number. Finally, select from the drop down menu "Alliance South Emphasis" a country from which you would like an International Worker (these are the current missionaries on tour in our district, specific names are hidden due to creative access, but will be disclosed on confirmation email).

Important: Please make sure pop-ups are allowed on your computer/device