Athens MakerSpace Class Calendar

Classes are available to all members and non members

 If you do not have a login you will be redirected to create one!

There are minimums for class participation. If the class you signed up for has not met that minimum 2 hours prior to the begining of the class the class will be cancelled and you will be notified immediately.

To Reserve your spot in one of our classes

1. Find the class and date you want to attend

2. Click on the "class window"  and you will be prompted to create an account and to sign in.

3. Once you have signed in and  submitted your request you will be signed up for your class.

4. Please arrive 10 Minutes prior to the start of the class. We will transact the class fee before the class begins.

You will be sent a reminder 1 day and 2 hours prior to the begining of the class.

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