Schedule for CAF Microscopy @ Tygerberg

Welcome to the online schedule for the CAF Microscopy Unit at Tygerberg, Clinical Building.

  1. Electron Microscopy: Room 7063 (Contact: Janica Conradie)
  2. Fluorescence Microscopy: Room 3046 (Contact: Janica Conradie or Lize Engelbrecht)
  3. Microscopes at Stellenbosch can be booked here: CAF Microscopy @ Stellenbosch
  • New users: Create a CAF ID, then register for the CAF booking systems (click Sign In on this page; Create a new user account).
  • New or Untrained usersAssistance has to be booked with the instrument. E-mail the analyst with a description of your requirements. 
  • Cancellation policy: 24 hours before the booking. Notify staff if you need to cancel. 

To make bookings in any other CAF units go to CAF Booking systems