Schedule for CTAA Cages

##**TEMPORARY POLICY CHANGES (effective 6-5-20):

Cages are open and reservations are being accepted. All Reservations will temporarily be for 45 minutes.  

Please help enforce social distancing of your team.

NEW: Fld 1 & Fld 5 cages will each be reserved by 1 team who gets both sides of the cage. 


* CTAA Managers can email to make reservations.  

* There is a Maximum of two future reservations.  Please do Not ask for more.  Only 2 pending reservations at a time. 

* There are No Same Day Reservation Requests.  I’m on the field coaching my kids, too and can’t promise same day turnaround on reservation requests.

* During the season Reservations are for 75 minutes (They are 90 minutes during preseason and fall ball)

* No reservations are allowed 45 minutes prior to games.  Games typically begin at 6 & 8 pm on weeknights.  (So once games begin 6:00 to 7:15 is typically the only timeslot available to reserve)   Weekend times will vary.

*If there isn't a reservation, then cages are first come first served. If it's open, go ahead and use it.


The following are incorrect urban legends:

* You get a batting cage automatically when you have a practice field 

* Baseball takes priority over softball

* Bronco takes priority over Mustang, Mustang over Pinto, etc.