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Registration process: Choose the class you'd like to join then complete the questionnaire. Your reservation will be listed as "waitlist" until our instructors are able to review your your questionnaire to see if Reactive Rover seems like the appropriate class for your dog. Once instructor permission is obtained, you will recieve a confirmation email with a link to pay for the class. 

  • If you adopted your dog from Seattle Humane you have a single use coupon. Choose "SH Adopter Discount" from the price level drop-down menu; this will give you a $50 discount.

Please note that your place in class is not confirmed until you have instructor permission, have scheduled attendance in the Behavior Basics seminar, and the class fee has been received.  


Class information:

  • This class is not for dogs who have a history of and/or display aggression towards humans and does not address off-leash dog-dog interactions. 
  • For this course, you must plan to attend every session of class with the same handler(s) and be prepared to spend 30 minutes to an hour practicing daily homework assignments. All class attendees must be 14 years of age or older; anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Do not bring your dog to the first session of the 6-week class; this is a MANDATORY humans-only orientation in addition to the Behavior Basics seminar. 
  • This class uses positive reinforcement methods, including the use of food rewards and clicker training. Visual barriers and specially designed training exercises involving controlled exposure to other dogs are used to set your dog up for success. There will be no off-leash interaction; on-leash interaction is based on dog’s progress throughout the course.

Prefer to attend without your dog? We have a limited number of audit slots available. You will be provided with all class materials and will have the opportunity to observe, learn, and ask questions. This class is packed with valuable tips and techniques on how to work with dogs who display reactivity, aggression, and fear-based aggression in an on-leash context. This option is $155 per participant. 

Enroll for an audit spot here: 

Contact us: 425-373-5385

No class currently scheduled? Email to be notified when the new schedule is released.