Tricks Are For Kids

Tricks Are For Kids 

Please note this workshop is for one kid handler and one dog. 

This fun workshop was designed specifically for kids between the ages of 8 and 14. In this interactive 90 minute workshop kids will get to 'take the leash' and learn how to use positive reinforcement training to teach their dog best friend cues and new tricks. Kids will also learn about dog safety and dog body language. 

Dogs over one OR graduates of Seattle Humane Teen Dog Manners and/or Puppy Manners 1 ONLY. 

*Parents are asked to stay at the shelter with their kiddos during this workshop. 

Please bring:  

-Dog wearing either a collar and/or harness (no pinch/chain or shock collars allowed. Non-retractable leash. 

-A bag of high value treat (in a treat bag preferred). Examples of high value treats are cheese, hot dogs, freeze dried meat. Make sure treats are cut or broken up small. 

-Kids should be wearing closed toe shoes, long pants and a t-shirt. 

No class currently scheduled? Email to be notified when the new schedule is released.