Schedule for Naturalist-guided Field Trips

The maximum we can accommodate at one time is approximately 60 students TOTAL. The number of naturalists available varies from day to day, therefore we need to check on our staffing and get back to you. You will receive an email once your request is approved (allow up to 3 days) as well as a contract to sign and return.

To make your request (minimum of 7 days notice), scroll thru the calendar and click on the desired day or week: this will bring up a detailed schedule below-- you may need to scroll down your screen to see it all. Click on the desired starting time (white=available): the default is for a 2-hour program not counting lunch (for example, blue shading might indicate that the morning is taken, but your class could still come in the afternoon). Once you've found an available slot and click on it, you will be asked to for some information. Fill out the form (if unsure about topic, write TBA) -- no payment is required at this time.

If you cannot find a suitable slot for your fieldtrip, send us an email with your parameters (date & time options and size of group) and we'll see how we can best fit you in. NOTE that the on-line calendar does not allow you to make changes after you have SUBMITTED your request -- contact us directly to request changes.

Contact us at or call (907) 694-9255.