GoodTAXES at 850 N Church Street, Rockford

Our tax site is open Monday - Saturday from 9am-5pm and is located at the corner of Church St. and Whitman St.

Tax Appointment Information

Creating your tax appointment

  • Click on the date/time you want
  • Click Sign In on the pop up
  • Create a new user account if you haven't done so, otherwise log in
  • Click the date/time you want, click New Appointment, fill in the tax year, and click Create Appointment

To change/cancel an appointment (only if you booked your own appointment)

  • Log in and click the date/time of your appointment
  • Click the paper and pencil icon next to your name and click the trash can to cancel the appointment
  • To reschedule an appointment, delete your orginal appointment and then create a new appointment using the directions above

 ** If you are making an appointment for multiple years then you must make an appointment for each tax return (1 appointment for 1 year, 2 appointments for 2 years, etc.) **

 **Please do not schedule an appointment for when you may be short on time. Due to volunteer availability and complexity of tax returns, some appointments can take longer than one hour.**

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Appointments cannot be created, changed, or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time, and appointments cannot be made more than 28 days in advance. If you have questions, please call us at 815-987-6200.