Blue Bear WebStore to MySchoolBucks Setup

We would like to schedule some time with you to begin your Tracks upgrade so you are ready for the Blue Bear Webstore to MySchoolBucks conversion. Please click on an open time slot below to schedule your appointment.

  • Please make note of your BlueBear Tracks version. We will need to know if your Tracks instance is Single-User, Multi-User, or Client-Server. You can find this information in Tracks under Help > About Blue Bear Tracks > Type.
  • Please ensure IT is present or adequate computer/user permissions are given.
  • Administrator rights will be required.
  • Please ensure Blue Bear programs are whitelisted from any security or applocker programs. This should be updated at both a local and domain policy level for all Blue Bear programs.
  • The new Blue Bear Tracks require Windows 10 or newer.

All time slots are Eastern Standard Time.