Advanced Mosaic Menu Planning Webinars



WORKING WITH YIELD FACTOR (1 credit hr.)  Learn how to properly create recipes for those that need to account for yield factor. Recipes need to show the correct nutrient values and component contributions to ensure compliance with required standards. We'll also cover how to account for yield factor to ensure the correct quantity of ingredients, avoid shortages or reduce waste.

SALAD/THEME BARS (1 credit hr.)  This session shows you how to properly create recipes for various types of self-serve food bars.  We'll explain why including salad bars in your menu plan is a good choice and show you how to set up recipes for different types of offerings.

GETTING READY FOR ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW (1 credit hr.)  We'll show you how to obtain a good weekly requirements report that shows that your menu meets all standards for component contributions. We'll also review how to access the necessary reports to show that your menu meets required nutrient standards. 

CREATING CYCLE MENUS (1 credit hr.)  This one hour session explores the advantages of using cycle menus and provides more in-depth instruction on the steps required for planning and creating successful cycle menus.

Attend any online Mosaic Back of the House training and get the Menu Format Style Guide for access to:

  • Fun images and colors for each month's calendars
  • A video on how to make your menus look perfect


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IMPORTANT: All time slots listed are in the Eastern Time Zone 
                       Cost: $99.00 for all trainings (normally $125)