MySchoolApps Webinars


PLEASE NOTE: reservations must be made 8 or more days in advance.

MySchoolApps Webinar 

The start of school is the busiest time of the year for you and your staff. Offering online meal applications to parents can significantly reduce the time spent processing paper applications. MySchoolApps can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection, providing parents with an easy and efficient way to apply for free and reduced-price meal benefits.


  1. Required Website Settings for Go Live
  2. Q & A on Website 
  3. Required Client Settings for Go Live
  4. Matching and processing applications in the MSA Client program
  5. Q & A for MSA Client
  6. Yearly Tasks: Setting Autostart and Completing End of Year
  7. POS specific importing and exporting
  8. Q & A and Open Discussion

NOTE Before You Sign Up Please Make Sure:

  1. Complete MySchoolApps Administrator Video Training Series
  2. Activate Extra Languages (Example: Spanish)
  3. Set SNAP Settings
  4. Change Required/Optional Settings
  5. Update Any Wording Of the Application for All Languages
  6. Give Test Link to your State Liaison For Approval
  7. Set Auto Start Date to Go Live


  1. Click on the date and time of your choice 
  2. Click the "New Reservation" link
  3. Fill in the required information
  4. Click the "Create Reservation" button

IMPORTANT: All time slots listed are in the Eastern Time Zone