Schedule for Book appointment

Welcome to the booking schedule for applications registered in the UDI Application portal / Forms, and handled by the UDI only.

IMPORTANT: You have to register and pay for the application in the UDI Application portal before booking an appointment at the Embassy in Copenhagen, where only applications registered for “CPH” can be handed in. If another country/embassy has been registered, you can not hand in your application at the Embassy in Copenhagen. 

NOTE: You need to register a user profile (e-mail and personal password) before you can log in (upper right corner) and book an appointment.

Only one (1) appointment per applicant/person. Should you need more than one appointment, please contact the Embassy at

Your appointment can be found  under the Agenda-tab. Changes or cancellations can be made until 12 hours prior to your appointment. If less than 12 hours, please contact the embassy at