Schedule for Rosewood Remote Fire Drop-Off

Please reserve an appointment time to drop-off work to be fired.  If the available times do not work with your schedule, please call the front desk at 937-296-0294 to schedule an alternate appointment time. 

These appointments are to help assist with low/no contact firing during Summer 2020 and to help with traffic within the ceramic studios.  

To pick up completed work once it has been fired, please sign up for an "Open Studio Pick-Up appointment" if you'd like to both drop-off and pick-up, you can sign up for adjacent appointments ex: 1:30 Pick-up 1:40 drop-off.  This will help us keep socially distanced as well as keep track of artwork within the buidling during this time. 

For glazed pieces, you must note your glaze brand and name for staff safety.  If you are using non-commercial glazes you are required to send the recipe to the Ceramic technician prior to firing. 

Glaze pieces are limited to 5 or fewer.  

Ware carts are located to the right of the main front door in the blackbox gallery.

Appointments are limited to two per patron per week.

Thank you