Coldworking Studio Access Reservations

Only 1 user can use the coldworking studio at at time.

Use the calendar to check the availability of the studios. You cannot populate this calendar yourself.  Pratt is  only accepting previously accessed users at this time.

In light of public health measures, the coldshop must be reserved and paid for in advance with a minimum of 30 minutes between each reservation. The current rate is $30/hr with a 1/2 hour minimum. 

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGIN. Please use the Reservation Request Form.

If you would like to request a reservation, please fill out a Reservation Request Form. An adminstrator will call you to secure payment by phone and confirm your reservation. 


All users are required to adhere to Pratt's Safe Start Studio Access policies and Safe Start Studio Access Guides which can be found on Pratt's website.

To make a reservation, please call our customer service team for assistance at 206-328-2200.