Invention Lab GoFab 3D printer rental

To begin a rental request, visit the Invention Lab in person at 141 Sutardja Dai Hall (hours).

Only Invention Lab staff can add reservations to this page.

  • You must be a current Maker Pass holder and have completed the GoFab 3D Printer course successfully: module and quiz  
  • The GoFab is a functional 3D printer and requires that you operate it safely.  You will need to agree to read safety and liability agreement at checkout.
  • The GoFab can be checked out for a four day (96 hour) period.
  • Each printer can be checked out with at most one spool of material
  • You must return all items: 3D Printer, power cords, part removal tool, and bed leveler Allen wrench
  • Any damage to GoFab printer must be reported immediately
  • You must use only approved material that is provided at checkout (1.75mm PLA) with the Gofab printer.  Do not load any of your own material into the GoFab printer.
  • A late fee of $50/day will be charged for each 24 hour period.  If the due date falls on a day the lab is closed, the GoFab must be returned before noon on the first day the lab reopens.
  • GoFab can be renewed once if there are no pending reservations.  You can only place a renewal request 24 hours before the GoFab is due. After two renewals, the GoFab must be returned.
  • GoFab Printers can be reserved at most one week in advance.

Learn more about the GoFab program here.