Schedule for ViiA 7 Booking Calendar

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Welcome to the DNA Sequencing Lab ViiA 7 reservation calendar. Please note that there are two options. You may either book the machine (blue bars) or you may book analysis time (red bars).  The current pricing is $60 for Western Researchers to use the ViiA 7. Non UWO researchers wishing to use the Via VII must contact the DNA Sequencing Lab for a price quotation. This includes the plate and seal. ViiA 7 Analysis is free. However you must book time to do analysis. The default booking time is 2 hours which can be changed. Minimum booking time is 60 minutes. Booking times will default to the nearest half hour. You may change or delete your own reservation only. Reservations may not be changed or deleted after the starting time.

Please contact the DNA sequencing Lab in case of any problems. Ph: 24074