English Writing Workshop -- Fall 2021

Welcome to the English writing Workshop for the Fall 2021 session! Please note the following changes for the workshop in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students will sign in online, as usual, and complete the form (name, student number, etc).

Students can only sign up for one 25-minute period a day and a maximum of two per week.

Student are expected to be present at their workshop appointments and should bring either their computers or a hard copy with them.

The English Writing Workshop will be closed from Monday, 11 October to Friday, 15 October during reading week. 

The workshop will be held in room #259.

You may create a reservation according to the availabilities of teachers at the desired day and time. You need to be logged in to make a reservation.

Attendance will be taken. Please click on this link after you have made a reservation for a workshop.

The very first time that you log in, you must create a user account. For all subsequent reservations, you will simply need to sign in with your email and the password that you have chosen.
Note : no password restrictions. Just remember it for future reservations.