English Writing Workshop -- Fall 2022

Welcome to the English writing Workshop for the Fall 2022 session!

The writing workshop will be opened for business on August 22.  Students are asked to either bring their computers, a hard copy of their assignment  or their USB key to the workshop in room # 259, in the library.

Students will sign in online, as usual, and complete the form (name, student number, etc).

Students can only sign up for one 25-minute period a day and a maximum of two per week.

You may create a reservation according to the availabilities of teachers at the desired day and time. You need to be logged in to make a reservation.

Attendance will be taken. Please click on this link after you have made a reservation for a workshop.

The very first time that you log in, you must create a user account. For all subsequent reservations, you will simply need to sign in with your email and the password that you have chosen.
Note : no password restrictions. Just remember it for future reservations.