Schedule for 2020 Spring Break Camps

Self-scheduler for:  3/24-4/3

(*Looking for the calendar and scheduler for private lessons or performance anxiety coaching? Click2020 Private Lessons)

3/16: Currently updating. Songwriting is offered this week.  Each week offers a different schedule, with live online group classes meeting daily for 30 minutes, Tuesday-Friday.  When registering for a class, you're signed up for each day in the 4-day series. To sign in and create a new account, use the link at upper right hand corner of this page. 

Once signed in, select a class you're interested in by scrolling down and clicking on its starting day/time listed in the "available" class view.  The calendar below allows you to see the classes in a concise layout.  We have listed the three most common time zones for our students, so make sure to choose your time zone when setting up your account and pay attention to how the class times are listed.  In the "available" view further down the page, the class start time is listed in your chosen time zone.

Please note that the class(es) you sign up for will meet at the same time, four days in a row (Tuesday-Friday).  You can sign up for the classes you'd like by using the credits in your account.

To buy more credits visit the lesson shop (log in required).

  • A class that meets for 30-minutes each day has a tuition total of 1 credit ($35). 
  • A class that meets for 60-minutes each day has a tuition total of 2 credits ($70).

Note that there is a waiting list available for all classes, so even if a class appears to be filled, you can add your name to the list.  You won't pay until you choose to be an active student in the class.

Our classes meet on Zoom via live video (you can choose to participate only in chat/text mode if you prefer.)