Mini Developer Session: HW Design Center

Build your own Embedded Hardware Board, it’s easier than you think! Verdin in-depth, learn all about our new state-of-the-art System on Module Family

Learn from Toradex experts and see how easy it is to design your own Carrier Board.

We will walk you through the extensive resources available from Toradex to simplify this process.

Our experts will take you through a typical development process and give you handy tips and tricks to avoid pitfalls. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Toradex has just introduced Verdin, a new SoM Product family. Experts will provide you with insight into the design decisions and cover some of its stand-out features.

If you have a project in mind, have a detailed discussion on how Verdin could be a fit. Have questions or doubts? Challenge our engineers!


Build your own Embedded Hardware Board 0:20
Verdin in-depth,learn all about our new SoM family 0:20