Mini Developer Session: Torizon

From Windows / Windows Embedded Compact to Linux
Getting started with Torizon - Easy-to-use Industrial Linux Platform

Torizon is Linux-based and is very different from Windows / Windows Embedded Compact. On the other hand, by leveraging its capability to run Containers, it can provide an easy-to-use and productive development environment, just as Windows did.

You can focus on your application, use many of the latest toolkits and technologies and let the operating system support you in running and debugging your code.

Starting with embedded Linux can be frustrating. With Torizon we try to address this issue by providing an out of the box easy-to-use solution.

By using Torizon you can implement your application on top of pre-configured Containers which reduce your time to market.


From Windows | Windows Embedded Compact to Linux 0:20
Getting started with Torizon 0:20