Schedule for Western Springs Coachings or Recital Rehearsals

Welcome to the Western Springs Coaching Schedule!

All reservations made here are at our Western Springs location.


Western Springs with Maria Yeh

As you submit your reservation, please make sure the repertoire field is as detailed as possible, including composer name, piece, instrument, movement and corresponding Suzuki book, if applicable. 

All coachings are to be paid directly to Ms. Yeh at the time of booking via Paypal - reservations are not saved and registered until payment is received. Her coaching rate is $60 an hour. 

Free 15 minute recital rehearsals are only offered for solo recitals.

The schedule can not be changed 48 hours before the event. All scheduled coachings within 48 hours of the event must be paid even if the coaching is missed. 

Email Ms. Maria at if you have questions about availability.