Schedule for Davison Segment 1

Welcome to the DAVISON SEGMENT 1 Calender!

Please click on the class that you are interested in for full details about the class.

Each class consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction.  We schedule this in 2 hour blocks for 12 days.

Our weekday classes are usually Tuesday - Thursday, 6 - 8 pm, for 4 weeks.  Our weekend classes are Saturday and Sunday, 4-6 pm, Monday 6-8pm for 4 weeks.  Not all classes are limited to this schedule, please check the class description for your class schedule.

Besides the classroom instruction, your student will have 6 one hour sessions of driving instruction and 4 hours of observation.  Your student will schedule this separately from the classroom instruction.

Masks are required to be worn correctly at all times.  

Thank you!